Places Photos

Photos on this page are from trips in 2008 to 2013.  Newer photos will be posted in individual blog posts.
Hey, turn left here!!!
gire a la izquierda aquí
One form of taxi service - but there are the usual ones also. I may need to try this type

Streets around the main square are closed off for Sunday in Merida.  There are
lots of vendors and lots of great food carts.  Street food here is generally very good. 
A Street Sign proclaiming a "tope" (TOE-pay)  aka speed bump!

Municipal Building
The Church at Santiago (one of the many neighborhoods in Merida)
VW Beetles are a common site in this area. 
This one has been upgraded with a roof rack.

And there are even "big box" stores
Soriana - one of the chain stores that is common in the area
One of the "tiny" Coca Cola trucks that deliver throughout the city