Food and Market Photos

Here is a nice quiet place to rest.
Let's eat lunch while we are here.

We decided to have a meal at the beach in Progreso.  Before our order was
brought out, the waiter brought botanas  or appetizers.  They were delicious. 
Lunch at the beach in Progreso.  The fish was very fresh. It was caught that 
morning.The tortillas were freshly made also. Mmmm.

Fruits and vegetables - most of them look very familar - but some are mysterious and strange.
Sellers in the market place - Salad fixin's anyone?
Barbeque Store - The Sunday specialty was one of our favorites

The Flower Market in Santiago is a riot of color

Tacos at a small Loncheria in Motul, near Merida. Fresh and delicious.

Oops, I waited too long to take this photo. We got food from the Cocina Economica (Economy Kitchen)
that is just a couple of blocks from our rental.  For around 2 or 3 dollars we had a feast -
and leftovers for another meal. The fresh squeezed OJ is from a market down the street.


  1. MMMMM.....MMMMMMM.......not so happy to be seeing photos of food I can not eat. This is my typical reply to those who post photos of amazing food. Now, I just sit with my mouth watering with a longing. Not happy! Still love ya though.