Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yucatan Museum of Popular Art

I love going to interesting art museums.  This one was a great little museum.
About halfway down the sign changes to English. That made life easier. ;-)
I took this picture and the lady who was showing me how the museum is laid out insisted that I should be in the photo.
She took about 6 photos -she kept motioning me to get closer to the female doll.  But I like this one best.
There were a number of hand woven works, but this one with the working sticks still in it says "weaving" best.
Here are a few more woven pieces:

The hand work is meticulous and fascinating to me as a weaver.

Some of the pieces are quite imaginative.
I really like this nativity.  I was hoping for a replica in the gift store, but I was out of luck.

This would be perfect by the front door, wouldn't it?

In other news, we went to pick up laundry today.  Here are photos of the package of neatly folded clean clothing.

I had untied one of the knots before I took the photo, but the socks are always in the top of the bag.  The underwear has been folded and hidden from view in the center of the pile each time.
We just hang up the clothes or put them in drawers as we choose.  It is all delightfully clean and fresh.  I think this load was about $3.50 or less. It was 7.1 kilograms and he charges ten pesos a kilo. So it was 71 pesos for this load.
Would I consider doing it myself while on vacation?  Not at those prices!

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  1. A great deal on the laundry services. That museum was right up your alley, Gene.

    Sorry that I am behind on reading and commenting as I am working .... really working from Alexandria this week.