Friday, November 4, 2016

Gene: Zocalo Adventure

Today I decided to take a combi (public transport van) to the town square and explore.  There are so many stores and vendors that I just enjoy looking. I also get to indulge in one of my favorite things- people watching.

I had a fun time watching both locals and tourist in the Zocalo (town square park.)  I also went to the Independence Plaza on the west side of the park.
 When you go in and up the stairs, you will find the exhibits from the Cultural Center.  I attempted a video, but it did not work out.  Instead I have a few photos from the exhibit.

 This was probably 4 to 5 feet wide and was hanging above my head so I held the camera up to get the photo.
 This is part of an exhibit about a public art stamping event. In the upper left corner is an actual stamp that was used -you can see that it is reversed.  It says "Calle Estampa"  - which would translate to Street Stamp.
This is an actual bottle of what appears to be "Chocolate Soldier" - but apparently is considered art. Some of the art was rated R - more than I choose to show here.  I am trying to keep it family friendly.

Exiting the exhibit, I crossed the street to go back to the park.  I sat and did a bit more people watching.  Then I got up to make this video

The guy at the end of the video took his photo of the sign and was gone before I even spoke to him. No matter.  But I did take a photo of the sign also.

And more photos:
Taking advantage of the park's free wi-fi
This photo shows the recycling bins (organic and inorganic) that are throughout the park.
This large panel van was parked beside the square.  You see "Ciudad Blanca" on it because Merida is known as the White City.  I am not sure but I think this was some type of mobile medical unit. Actually on closer inspection, I see that the paper sign says that they are "sold out of appointments for mammogram" - so it was a mobile mammogram unit.
I had a nice late lunch of a Relleno Negro torta.  That is a "black turkey stew" on a sandwich roll - I had them leave off the boiled eggs.   I enjoyed it and then sat in the restaurant and returned a missed call to my niece in Alabama.
In the late afternoon we are sitting on the back patio enjoying the cool breeze - earlier we each had a glass of horchata (the rice milk/cinnamon flavored drink.)  A brilliant yellow bird, that I have not been able to identify (yet) stopped in the top of the orange tree that comes up next to the patio. The patio is on the second floor, so the top of the tree is close. I am hoping to see the bird again and get a photo.
For now, I am signing off. It is time to put my feet up and enjoy paradise.


  1. Aaaaah - paradise! So glad you are enjoying it - ;))

  2. What a great stroll through the park. It looks like an interesting place.