Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gene: Museo de Ferrocarriles

We had been planning to visit the Museo de Ferrocarriles for several days.  Tuesday, November 8th, was the day it happened.  If you don't know what a Ferrocarrile is - well it is the word for "railway." Although this is really  a "museum" of trains.  Basically it is not a great museum, but there are some fascinating old railcars and engines that you can climb on and see. We started at the car that has a sign on it explaining what is in the "museum."   I had to get in the photo just because that was the mood I was in. (Dave told me after the third photo that I decided to pose in "This isn't the Gene Show."  Ha ha. )
It says that three are machines from different places: England, the USA, Switzerland and Japan.  The oldest is #270 built in the USA in 1903. 

So I had to get in that one too.  It is an old steam locomotive.  I decided to pretend to be the engineer. 

Another thing that I found interesting was this old Pullman car, probably the club car since there as a bar at the back of it. 

 If you look on the left side at the back you can see the counter for the bar.
The above photo was taken from the back of the car. 
Do I even need to explain this?  The men's room. 
 This one had caution tape around it - and it looks to be in very bad shape, but it is a wooden train car.
You can see that the siding is in very poor repair. The sign states that there is a fund for repair.

The next three photos are of the car that was set up as an actual museum. 

You may notice that there are air conditioner units along the top of the car, but only the one above the entrance door was working.  (It was very hot inside here.) 

On leaving the train museum, we decided to go exploring. Dave started up Paseo de Montejo (a major street that is on the route to Progresso.)  I mentioned that while we were in this part of town I would like to visit Liverpool.  So we went to Liverpool!
Liverpool is the anchor store in a very swanky mall.  We did eat lunch in the food court, but we didn't buy anything in this overpriced venue. 
The fascinating part was the ice skating rink in the center of the mall. 

 And certain of my friends will appreciate that I just had to take this photo on the top of a certain venue.

And yes we did find his store, but we didn't see him!
Where's Waldo?
All in all, it was a great day. 


  1. What a fun day. The ice skaters are very good, who knew you would see that in Mexico? You're adorable in the photos. It absolutely is the Gene show, now we need a Dave show!

  2. I enjoyed The Gene Show! Those old trains are fascinating - thanks for giving us a tour! And I agree with Jeanna - now we need a Dave Show! What fun to have an ice skating rink in the mall - how are you two on skates? Just a thought - LOL - ;))