Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Día de los Muertos-Day Two

Gene here.

So today has been the second day of  Día de los Muertos.  We learned that you can not rely on a business to be open on a holiday.
On day one of  Día de los Muertos, we were going to walk to a nearby restaurant for supper- but they were closed.  So we hopped in the rental car and went to the nearest mall. It is about 2 miles there.  We went to the food court to eat.   There was not a huge crowd there but there were plenty of people to "people watch" as we love to do that.  Most of the people are pretty friendly.
After I finished eating I needed to wash my hands - it was messy and good!  On the way back to the table I saw an adorable sight. There were to little girls dressed in day of the dead costumes.
I politely asked the father if I could take a photograph.  He smiled and said "Si" and then told them to pose.  The posed so sweetly as I took the above photo.  I thanked "papa" and the young ladies and showed them the photo.  The girls smiled even bigger when they saw the photo.
One regular feature in the area near the food court is the train.  Since business was slower on the holiday it was not filling up quickly. So I took the opportunity to get these photos.
 Again, I asked the adult guardian for permission to take a photo - and it was granted.  I think this time it was abuelo (grandfather.)
These little ladies chose the caboose for their ride.  In the picture of the train you can see abuelo standing there at the back of the train.

This morning I went to pick up an order in town only to find the business closed.  So we did other errands and sightseeing - it is Mexico and you roll with it. (grin)

Since my AT&T phone that is supposed to just work in Mexico and allow me to call the US and Mexico will not call Dave's Mexico-based cell phone, we went to WalMart and I got a second phone to solve the problem. (remember - you have to roll with it.)  The price was not bad at all.  The phone and a month's worth of talk/text/data (2GB) was less than two months of my plan at home.  Should I mention that the phone is very up-to-date having been released in August of 2016?

After getting home, I decided to go for a nice walk to Parque de la Mejorada. It is about a mile round trip- a nice evening walk.  As I went on my way, I noticed that most businesses were closed.  So when I got to the park, I was happy to see the food cart that sells hot dogs and hamburgers.

One other evening I had eaten a "hamburguesa"  (hamburger) here.  I pulled out my new cell phone and called Dave.  We decided that I could get two of them and bring them back to the apartment.  I ordered two and took photos while the cook prepared them.

A curious thing is that each hamburguesa has a slice of ham (jamon) added to it. I suspect that it is turkey ham, but I can't be sure.  The cheese slice was put on top of the ham on the grill to melt it. He added a nice pile of grilled onions to the burgers along with lots of condiments.
I was very impressed that he handled the implements like a true pro and never touched the food. 
I stopped in a beer store (the only thing open) on the way back and got small bags of chips to go with the burgers. Grand total for supper for two: 62 pesos (including tipping the cook.) Just over three dollars spent on the meal. 
Dave and I both proclaimed the burgers "Delicious!"
And so night has fallen on another day in paradise.

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  1. You are getting a lot of bang for the buck in Mexico, Gene.