Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dave: Sunday in Merida

Sunday in Merida has always been fun for us as there is a huge selection of taste treats from about every corner of Mexico. Since we were last here three years ago, the food part of the the special day has expanded. So we have had a couple of weekends of exploring new foods and old favorites. I decided today that I would take my video camera along and do a little video of the sights and sounds of what a Sunday in Merida is all about! But before I post the video, last night was an especially nice evening. The front that gave you the cold temps up there has lowered our humidity and temps. It was 83 yesterday and about 84 today. Low humidity is a great thing! I took these pictures as the sun was setting last night. So enjoy. I will post the video after the pictures.

Okay, here is the video from today. It is only the sights and sounds, no commentary! There is a sound that you will hear and about half way through the video, I show you what that sound is! Enjoy! (Best if you click the "You Tube" link lower right when you start the player.)

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  1. Sundays are certainly festive there. I love the old buildings and the architecture. The walk / don't walk indicator would get annoying after a while...I think. Or maybe it is one of those things you just get used to.