Friday, November 11, 2016

Dave: Some differences between the average Mexican household and our US lifestyle!

I have debated about doing this video for the last two weeks and finally late day before yesterday, I just up and did it. I am NEVER happy being on the "other-side" of the camera so I have thought about it and as my own worst critic, I have cut it to pieces. However, Gene feels it is a good video worthy of posting. Okay, I trust his assessment and going against my own critical self, I am posting this... reluctantly! So, enjoy as best you can with my southern mutilation of the English language, laugh if you wish, it is okay! Hopefully, you will see how life is the same... but different!

You will see our studio apartment. As I said in the video, it has a king bed. Most Mexican homes have only a matrimony bed, that is a large twin or possibly even a full, no larger. Some only have hammocks. They take them down during the day and use the space for whatever need they might have.  That idea has merit in my book! So we are fortunate to be blessed with such a large bed. While some will feel the apartment is small, it is a very good size for us, plus we have all that back patio area as well. And that back patio is a wonderful place to sit in the evenings, in the cool breeze gazing out at the stars. Yes, there is not much light pollution here and we can easily see the stars after sundown. It is also a great place to have dinner.

I was talking about the walls of the houses being so close they touch, in some of them they are actually one wall between homes. In ages gone by, homes had multi generational families living in them and they were fairly large. As time went on, the parents passed on, and as usual, some of the siblings argued about their share. That lead to actual concrete walls being built inside the homes to physically divide them and have remained that way even today. There are a couple of positive things to be said about walls being so close, your walls are shaded during the day which prevent the penetration of heat of direct sun exposure during the hottest part of the day. Where walls are built touching each other, you get a very strong wall. You need to remember this is hurricane country and strong walls are a good thing.

We have all the modern amenities. We have cable tv, take your pick of at least three providers off the one cable. We have internet service that loads these pictures and videos like nothing! We have cell phone service... man do we have cell phones. EVERYBODY has at least one. I saw several older adults (that would be older than me) working their cell phone as good as any high schooler! I suppose I am challenged when it comes to electronics as I have issues learning and remembering how to do things.

Okay, enough rattling, it is time to post this video and let the laughter begin!

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