Monday, November 14, 2016

Dave: Just some rambling!

It has been very warm and humid the last couple days. We stayed at the apartment yesterday under the air conditioning and rested.  The last three afternoons it has rained just enough to make things good and damp, then the sun has come back out. Talk about making for one heck of a humid afternoon and evening. What's worse, is all this shower stuff is making the evening breezes just die! Nothing at night so, we just rest under the AC and catch up on our reading and sleeping!

I finished one of the two books I brought along on my Kindle and started the second. Sitting here again today reading and I think it will be done in the very near future. This is the first bit of time we have taken to just sit and relax. We, especially Gene, have been on the move near and far, just enjoying ourselves.

I made a comment a few days about having had an eye exam and getting new glasses, well, went and picked them up. So far, having only the normal issues of getting accustomed to a new script. They fit well and look good.

 As I said, they cost about $53 USD. I went back the next day and ordered a set of sun glasses since the pair I am currently using is two scripts old. Time to get up to date. The frames and lenses were only $54 USD. So for just over a  hundred dollars I have two new sets of glasses. Not bad at all. Gene will talk about his new glasses shortly. I had some dental work done five years ago here. I had broken a tooth at home and it had to be removed. I had planned on having an implant installed, but they wanted $8000 USD for the process in the USA. I knew we were coming to Mexico so I contacted one of our ExPat friends and asked who she used. She gave a glowing recommendation for a dentist and his email. I dropped him an email and to my surprise, he replied in about an hour. I explained my situation and he made an appointment via email.  When I visited his state of the art office, he did digital x rays and was concerned that there was not enough bone without getting too close to the nerve canal. So he had is assistant take me about a block over to a special x ray clinic where they did an extensive round of x rays on my jaw. I figured I was in for a huge bill, but all that came to about $20 USD. I took the x rays back to the office and had to wait for a few minutes. He called me back, took the x rays and looked them over good, and did some measurements. He shook his head and told me I did not have enough bone about the nerve canal for the implant to safely attach. So I asked what might be my options. He said his suggestion was a cantilevered bridge. He explained how it worked and the fact I already had a crown that was very aged, made it a good fit for my need. His price, $750 USD! That is less than my co-pay for a crown! To make a long story short, it took two visits and the bridge was installed perfectly and is still comfortable and functional today. It is all porcelain, not metal. I could get accustomed to these medical prices.

We leave Merida one week from tomorrow. WOW... has it been that long already? Neither of us are ready to go back, but unfortunately both of us have obligations with family and other, plus the holidays are upon us. So, back we shall go under protest!

In our dashing about, we saw the crossing sign above. I thought it was pretty neat so I am sharing with you!

Gene signing in here.  As Dave said, I have been doing lots of exploring in Merida.  I mentioned earlier that I bought zippers, but I have also gotten a few other small sewing supplies. I needed to do some mending, so I bought a pack of hand needles and a spool of thread. I also bought some buttons to take home, a new seam ripper (because if you sew, you can never have too many good sharp seam rippers!) and a tape measure since one of my retractable ones bit the dust the week before we left.  I have found stores selling sewing machines by Brother and Janome and Singer. (Janome is my choice of brands.) So if when we decide to move here, I will sell my sewing machines and buy one here.
I have also had fun exploring appliances and motor scooters.
This blue Italika is the perfect size for me. It is small and automatic. I think this will be my choice for scooting around town instead of driving a car.
Dave talked about water and how everyone uses bottled water (usually in 20 liter jugs) for drinking.  So when I saw a refrigerator with water in the door I had to open it up and see.

So, what was inside?
The water is poured into this tank where the refrigerator cools it and it dispenses through the door.  Pure genius!

Of course, I also saw this for sale---and it may be an option  for me, if we find a place in the area where we are currently renting.

I could haul several big jugs of water and groceries in the front.  These are the type vehicles that the young guys selling bread drive down our street.

I almost forgot, Dave mentioned that I would talk about my glasses later.  I have a really strong prescription. So my glasses are always more expensive.  Remember that Dave said his were $53 US for one pair and $54 for the sunglasses?  My first pair are polycarbonate  for $96 -(thinner and lighter - and less like coke bottle bottoms) but for a second pair, I got acrylic frames and standard plastic lenses. I can tell the difference in light transmission - but they were cheaper at $61 US. When Dave was back getting sunglasses, I saw the new frames the optician had gotten in. They had magnetic clip on sunglasses with them. I asked for a price with polycarb lenses.  It came to $109 US. So I ordered a third pair!  But I have spent less on the three pair than on the one pair I bought at home a year or so ago.  It was an easy decision to make.
Here is a photo of me trying on the acrylic frames.
It is a different look for me, but I think I like them.


  1. Just got caught up on your adventures - what a great travelogue!! Dave is terrific in front of the camera as well as behind it!! The apartment is pretty good size and appears to be quite functional - and I can relate to the ants - when we lived in Hawaii we had roaches - I think I prefer ants - LOL. The museum had some interesting art pieces - very talented artisans, for sure. I can see the two of you - Dave on the blue scooter and Gene on the orange bike - traipsing around town - having a grand old time. And good deal on the glasses - great prices!! - ;))

  2. Nice glasses Gene and Dave. Such an amazing deal.

    That frig is awesome and yes, ingenious.

    When you move to Mexico please be sure to have an Guest Room!