Monday, November 21, 2016

Dave: Farewell Merida. It was far to short.

Well, 9:00pm Monday evening and I am packed as far as I can go for now. On our arrival in Birmingham Wednesday evening, it will have been 36 days, 34 in country. I can't believe we have been here a month plus, but here we are packing to return home. Yes, mentally, I am not ready to go back, but physically, I need my chiropractor! Yes, they have them here but time does not allow the research I would need to find the right one. In addition to that, I have other obligations that I need to get back and take care of so others can take a rest. And of course, there are the holidays, family and friends to enjoy.

Gene and I made a video of closing comments. You would have thought we scripted the video but we didn't. Just came out that way. Having been here long enough to get to know the neighbors a little better has been a wonderful thing. Seeing and visiting old friends is also a wonderful thing. Being in a society that largely practices respect and dignity is something I find truly to my liking. With the exception of one incident our first trip down 10 years ago, we have been welcomed and have felt a true part of life here. And yes, it is a different feeling when you know that you are the one that stands out as different in skin color, yet no difference is made by many. Yes, prices do go up at the beach and the local places where the cruise ship passengers stop on "cruise ship day",  but that happens even in the US and most other places as well, so you just don't go in those areas on those days. Everyone has a schedule of port calls.

Merida continues to modernize. Many of the old cobblestone streets in the central area (Centro) have been taken up and replaced with concrete in the pattern of cobblestones. The base was redone as well so now many of the old streets that were so rough are now very nice to drive and walk on. Fashion also changes. When we were here three years ago, none of the locals wore short pants/gym shorts and tee shirts. They were always properly dressed. Today, the younger generation lives in shorts and tee shirts while the older generation still looks well dressed even for just a trip down to the mall! Merida continues to modernize the electronic age gadgets we all rely upon. The internet is by far the best I can remember and cell phone service is so wide spread I don't think we were out of cell phone signal but about 5 minutes on our trip to Celestun. Gene has had problems with AT&T on the US side with his US phone, but neither of us have had any issues with our Mexican AT&T phones. We call and text anywhere in North America with no problems. And talk about competitive- our Mexican phone cost $97 USD and we get unlimited talk and text to Mexico, USA, and Canada and 2 GB of data for $15 dollars per month. No, the phone is not some old three generation old phone. It is a brand new phone, released in August 2016 and is running Android Marshmallow, yes, that is 6.0. So I have just renewed for another month to see just how well it will work in the USA. We shall see!

I could rattle on all night, so I will wind it up here and post the video. So enjoy and we shall see you in a couple days!

Dave and Gene


  1. That was a fast month! Thank you for taking me along on your adventures - I thoroughly enjoyed them. Have a safe trip home - ;))

  2. Thanks for sharing Gene, I enjoyed seeing you and Dave.

  3. That was the fastest 35 days ever! I'm so happy you both had a great time and I enjoyed following you. Welcome home, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. WOW, just WOW. I am happy that I just learned of this blog! Love you both!!! Shannon