Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dave: A Day Trip

Good evening! We did a day trip today after dropping our laundry off at the lavanderia. He charges 10 pesos per kilo. We had a full bag today, I am sure there were several kilos there but they come back clean, folded and in a plastic bag ready to be hung back up and worn! Nice!

So, after dropping the laundry off, we went out to Progresso, the port city of Merida about 25 miles north. This is also the beach area and some of you may even be familiar with the pier facility as there are now several cruise ships that use Progress as a stop.

So, off we go, out of town, onto MEX 261 North! Four lanes in each direction for the majority of the way!

Just incase you forgot something or made a wrong turn, the last turn around until Progresso!

Following the Combi, (the smaller transit vehicles) road signs tell us we are on the right road, right direction, always a nice feeling! Hightailing it out of town to the beach at warp speed of 90 km/hr!!! Closely enforced by the way!

Oh, and just incase you didn't know, it is illegal to use your cell phone and drive here too!

Yep, that is correct, the Yucatan Country Club, and yes, it is in English! I've never been there, but I am told it is a very popular place for golfers worldwide.

Beautiful day for a trip to the beach! It has been a little warm and humid the last couple days. We are running the AC at the apartment again!

Getting close! Takes about 40 minutes from our apartment to Progresso. The longest part is getting out of the city traffic.

OH NO! Construction! Oh thank goodness, they are only painting the top guardrail. Only one lane closed. Not a problem, traffic is light and a slowdown for safety then back to warp speed!

Getting close now, I can smell the ocean air! Yep, the topes (speed bump) is coming up where the expressway ends! We are about to enter Progresso!

Past the PEMEX gas station and under the overpass and we are almost there!

...and we are... almost there! Cruise ship day, an unscheduled one from Europe we are told, German. If you look closely, you will see two guys washing the windshield on the car in front of us. Unless you tell them very strongly NO, they do it and expect a payment. Well, seems they were not counting on the short cycle of the light, they finished just as the light changed (it's green in the picture), and the lady drove off... no pay this trip boys! They dashed out of traffic waiting for the next cycle of the light.

Just a couple more blocks and we are there! We went to the east end of the Malecom (the main road right along the beach). The east end is rarely crowed. Found a parking place and walked back down the Malecon to our favorite place called "The Shark"! Fresh seafood that was swimming in the gulf early this morning is now on your place for a late lunch!

 Ah yes! Sitting under a palapa, enjoying the wonderful breeze right off the Gulf! Gene and I have ordered and waiting for our main course. If you have ever been to any of the Latin countries, once you order, they will bring you botanas, Spanish for "small plates". There is always something interesting in this collection.

Here is what we got: directly in front, the brown looking stuff is ground pumpkin seeds with seasonings. Pretty good stuff with the fresh deep fried chips. Next to the pumpkin seeds stuff is empanadas stuffed with shrimp. The glass has Gene's horchata, a rice based drink with cinnamon and sugar. Next to the limes is a new one we have not had before. Potato salad... Mexican style! It was good. Next to the chips was the HOT stuff... if you wanted it! And finally, what I am holding up is what we think the waiter called pibis, a traditional Day of the Dead dish. It was pretty good and the cabbage was almost kraut! I'm not sure what the meat was and dare not ask!

 Both of us were hungry when our main course arrived so we jumped in and just started eating! I finally realized we had  not taken pictures so Gene took pictures of our almost half eaten lunch! Mine was a fresh grouper, deep fried and oh so good!

Gene had the shrimp Diana, shrimp, mushrooms and three cheeses. It was wonderful as well. You can see the chunk of fish I gave him to try on the left side of his plate. He thought it was okay, but thought grouper was a bit strong fish taste and definitely did not like the skin still on! Oh well, could have gotten it in filets as well!

We finished and sat for a while just enjoying the breeze. A German family from the cruise ship came and sat near us. After looking the menu over it was clear there were questions so Gene hopped in and one of the ladies spoke english, so all the questions were resolved. We paid our tab, then walked on down the Malecon  looking at the shops. It got very busy near the area where they drop off the cruise passengers, so we went back and drove down the road for a ways enjoying the day, the scenery and relaxation. We came to the end of the road where there are natural beaches with no buildings. The road ends because from that point on it is mangrove swamp/tidal water areas. So we took a little time at the beach and enjoyed the solitude.

On the way back home, Gene took his cell phone and played with the video. It actually makes pretty good videos. I did some editing and the video is posted below. We got home tired but happy. Another great day!

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  1. Looks like a great day trip. The beaches are beautiful.