Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dave: A day of kicking about... like a local!

After a lazy start, I was meeting Gene downtown for some shopping. (He was already out dashing about!) I also had an eye appointment. So I got up after putting the computer down, showered and out the door. Stood on the corner for about 5 minutes waiting on transport downtown. One of the big buses came into view so I flagged him and he stopped. I hopped onboard gave the driver my 10 peso coin, got three 1 peso coins back, and off we went. After about 10 minutes of bumpy riding ( the buses are much rougher than the combi's!) we arrived at the end of the line.

I got off and walked up the street to meet Gene at the eye doctor's place of business. I got there seconds ahead of Gene and we went inside. Gene was picking up his new set of glasses so the doctor was waiting. I went right in and got a thorough eye exam. A minor change in script with a shift in astigmatism, inner eyes look very good. He told me I was taking good care of my eyes by properly maintaining my blood pressure. Nice to know that! Went into the area where the frames were, and after looking at several pair picked a frame. The doctor took the necessary measurements for placement of the bi-focals and the center of the eyes. Gene says the frames look good on me. After running the calculations, I am handed the bill for the exam, frames and lenses... $990 pesos ($53.20 USD). I think my first set of glasses long ago was about $65 USD, and the last set of glasses I got 4 years ago was over $400. And... they will be ready for pick up Friday around noon. We will see how all this works out.
Gene's note: My glasses were more expensive because I have a much stronger prescription.  The charge to my credit card was $95.25.  Let me tell you that the last time I got glasses at the optician in Alabama, I paid almost $500 for similar glasses -although this pair doesn't have a crizal coating.

Gene and I did some shopping and had fun just browsing all the shops in the area, primarily electronics stuff. Tons of cell phones, cell phone cases and accessories, computers and everything and then some to go with all that. Several places to eat and several other businesses. And since this area is the main combi and bus terminal, TONS of people! We came back to the bus area to catch our ride back home. The bus to our area was sitting there waiting. A further look showed that there was coolant pouring out of the engine of the bus, so this one was going nowhere! So we walked on down and around the corner to the combi terminal. We had to wait about 10 minutes for the one going to our neighborhood. Seems there was some kind of traffic jam back up the road as all of the combi's arrived right behind each other. Our combi loaded right up and in just a couple minutes we were on our way home. About another 10 minutes and a much smoother ride, we were home.

We rested for a bit and since it was almost 1:30pm, we decided to have lunch. When we were here three years ago, we found a small place to eat across the street from our local market. It was run by two fellows, one cooked, the other served and whatever else needed done. Food was excellent and inexpensive. On our return, we found that the place where they had been was now a place selling eggs.

Gene said he had found where the eatery had moved to... it was only a block further down. So we decided to go there for lunch and see if they were still doing as well as before.

We went in, looked at the the day's menu and decided what we wanted. We were warmly welcomed.

The first item is beans and pork. We have had that a little while back. The next is chicken and peas, most all know what the next one is, the next one is chicken breast or pork chop, battered and fried, or on the grill, next is pork chop in red sauce, the next is another cut of pork, loin I think in red sauce, then finally, fish, breaded and fried or on the grill. For our lunch, both of us elected to have the breaded and fried fish.

It was served with soup. Unfortunately, it is just to hot for me to consider soup, although I did taste it and it was excellent. The fish was fresh, succulent and wonderfully seasoned. The breading was crisp, not soggy!

Of course there was fresh tortillas and ice cold Coca Cola!

While there were not many who came in and sat down for lunch, there was a fast paced takeout. I am pleased to see these two hard workers doing well and still here doing business from our last trip. Below is a picture of the two taking a well deserved break!

Luis on the left, the chef, and Jorge on the right, server and whatever else is needed! Wishing you guys continued good luck in your business! We will certainly be back!


  1. I hope your glasses are ready and all is well with them on Friday, Dave. At those prices, I would consider an extra pair or possibly prescription sunglasses.

    I wonder what Gene purchased while he was out shopping...????

  2. Good deal on the glasses! - And the food looks really good! I think I have some battered fish in the freezer and some fresh tortillas on hand - so I could make that for dinner tonight - YUM!! - ;))