Friday, October 21, 2016

Gene: From Cancun to Merida

Before I start with the trip in, I want to share a couple of photos that I took with my phone from the plane as we were nearing Cancun. The sunset and the clouds were delightful.
 This massive anvil shaped cloud really caught my attention. I love the starkness of the black against the sunset.
Here is the anvil cloud again, but  with Venus showing in the early night sky above. 

After a great night at the AirBnb with Jorge and Josephina, we were ready to head to Merida.
But first we had to have coffee and prepare for the day. While we were having our morning coffee, I wanted to enjoy our surroundings and started to look around a bit. Dave showed some pictures of some plants in the courtyard and street views with the glorious early morning skies.   But I was looking at the art and decorations inside also.  This one piece made me grab my phone to translate it:
It basically says "Where there is music, nothing bad exists"   I suspect that this is my music is so important to so many people.  While it doesn't truly stop the "bad" it does provide a place of respite and comforts us on a deep level. 

Okay, back to the trip:  
Our host, Josephina, drove us to the satellite bus terminal and graciously translated for us with the ticket sales person. She said that we really needed to take the GL version of the ADO bus so we could be comfortable. I am sure it made for  better trip. 
As the bus was loading, we were given a plastic "bolsa" (bag) that contained a bottle of water and a set of headphones to use with the entertainment system on the bus. (I never did find the sound channel that corresponded with the video that was showing.) 
On board the bus, we had assigned seats that we got to pick when purchasing the tickets.  The seats were much like airline seats in that they reclined and were the same comfort quality.  We had ample leg room.  Dave commented that he had enough room to cross his legs comfortably. 
The trip was on the toll road  that we have driven in the past and there isn't much scenery.  So no pictures from there.  Dave calls it the "green tunnel" because it goes through mostly undeveloped "woodsy" areas. (Dave says "jungle")

We arrived at our destination about 3 pm.  Our rental host had offered to pick us up at the bus stop - for which we were thankful. But - he wasn't there!  We decided that maybe it was due to traffic.  But that wasn't it.  While we were waiting patiently, we saw him come around the corner. (We have stayed with him before so we knew him)  He explained that he was parked at the bus station and they sometimes stop at the hotel instead of the station so he had decided to see if we were there.  
An uneventful trip around town got us to our lodgings unscathed but exhausted. After getting our belongings stowed, we walked down to the Dunosusa Tienda (store) to get some food for breakfast.  Of course being tired we forgot the eggs. So I will make an early trip to the Market to see if there is a vendor with eggs (huevos) for sale- so Dave can have his morning breakfast as desired. (I don't eat eggs except as an ingredient in something.) 
For now, I need to attend my coffee and walk out on the balcone (balcony - but you knew that didn't you?) 
Dave has taken pictures of the morning views and will post later today. 

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