Friday, October 28, 2016

Gene: A Trip Into Town and the Mercado Lucas de Galvez

On my Friday morning agenda was a trip into town to check out an optical shop.  I am planning to buy a pair of glasses while I am here - for about a fourth of what they would cost me at home.  I picked out one pair of frames that I like, but he told me that he would have new frames in late next week.  So I may wait until I see what he gets.  The guy speaks great English - a real plus for me!

Next I wandered toward the Mercado Lucas de Galvez which is the BIG market in town. But I stopped along the way and bought four more meters of zipper and some extra zipper pulls.  (yay!)

Then I got to the Mercado and enjoyed the sights and smells (except for the smell of the bathroom where it cost me approx fifteen cents to empty my bladder!)

I did three videos that worked.  I did another but something went "poof" and it disappeared.
 So let's start at the spice stand (one of many)

Next let's visit a nice place to quench your thirst!

And finally a bit of the food stand areas

And a couple of photos - First a still shot of the spice stand in the video

And then the rotisserie chicken stand

I saw so much more...but I didn't take pictures because I was too busy enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences. 
I also stopped in a home goods store and got a serrated knife to add to the kitchen in our studio apartment here  -price 8 pesos or 42 cents US.  
I went into a clothing store and got a polo type shirt for the grand price of 50 pesos -or $2.64 US.   
Shopping where the local, common folks shop can yield some great bargains......but I still have to keep the luggage weight in check for the trip home. 

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