Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gene: A Haircut and a Stroll

I know that it is an odd thing, but I like to get a haircut when I am traveling.  I got my first haircut in Mexico in 1978.  I was with a mission trip from the college I attended.  Another student and I walked in and communicated with gestures.  It was possibly the best haircut I have ever had. So that started my strange idea to get haircuts in interesting places.
Today, Wednesday October 26th, I headed out to find the barbershop (Peluqueria) where I got my hair cut three years ago.  Arriving at the shop,  I saw that the sign had changed a little bit.
But, the barber was the same guy.  He has grown up a bit though. Using the Google Translate app on my phone I told him what I wanted - or close anyway - it is just hair and it will grow back so I never worry too much.
As he was cutting I showed him the photo that I took of him the last time.
He laughed and said that it was him in the photo. So of course after the haircut, a current photo was in order.
But while he was cutting my hair, his abuelo (grandfather) came into the shop. Abuelo speaks English, so we talked.  Abuelo also insisted on photos with everyone.
Gene with Alex 

Gene with Maricela (Abuelo's daughter) 
Gene with Abuelo.
On the walk back I decided to record a video of a part of my walk.

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