Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gene: Adventures and Frustrations with Uber

Because there is no Uber service where I live, I did not have an Uber account when we got to Mexico.  But, I needed one. Our host told us the first day that Uber is a great way to get around the city cheaply.  So I decided to set up an account.

We were scheduled to get a rental car Friday, Oct 21st.  So I was going to order an Uber ride to the airport.  It was less expensive than a taxi for sure.  I placed the order for a ride in advance. As time drew near, we went downstairs and outside the gate to wait.  At about the time our ride was due, I got a message from Uber saying that it was cancelled due to an invalid payment source. I was using PayPal - or I thought I was.  More about that later.  And in the process they disabled my account and locked the app. ARRRRGGGGH!

So we went down the block to a well traveled street and hailed a taximetro (the metered taxi.)  Thus we got where we were going - for a price.

When we got back, I got on my laptop and contacted  They wanted information that I don't have with me for travel.  I emailed back and forth and got the account reinstated. I had done research online and found that in Mexico you can't use Paypal to pay for Uber.  I added my credit card as a payment source and was sure all was well.  Ha!

Sunday afternoon we scheduled an Uber for a trip to the Soriana grocery store/mega store.  Actually I attempted to schedule it earlier and something went wrong and a driver was outside way too early.  And my account was blocked again!  More emailing got it reinstated.  
The driver arrived and we went to the Soriana as planned once we were ready to go.  We ate lunch at the food court. (Dave will talk about that in a later post.)  Then we shopped for groceries. (Dave will have photos of some of that also.)
We got outside and I tried to schedule an Uber....  What???  Account disabled one more time! Sheesh.  We got a taximetro  back to our rental.  Once more I complained to Uber via email.
I hope it is sorted enough to get us to the auto rental place tomorrow.

Moral of the story:  Research Uber and know about it before you need it. Set up the account from home -even if there is no Uber in your city.  Use a credit card account for payment.  Oh yes, and pray that the Uber team doesn't mysteriously disable your account.  Be prepared to take a taxi if Uber fails.
Breathe!  Life goes on.

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