Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gene: Adventure is Out There!

Monday afternoon,  I decided to take the combi (a type of public transport) into downtown Centro Merida. I wanted to look at the phones at Oxxo since Dave feels lost without a phone.  So that was my first stop.  But the phones were not satisfactory in my opinion.
So I had a walkabout and visited a few shops just to look.  Although I did buy one DVD at a seriously bargain price. I haven't checked it, but I hope it plays.
Then I decided I needed to get back to home base. But I had gotten turned about a bit so I asked a police officer if she could tell me where to catch the correct combi. She gave me directions and I started walking.

Of course, I was looking in every shop window and open door.  I had come to Merida hoping to re-supply some of my "crafty" items  - specifically zippers! I saw it from the side but I knew what I was seeing - THIS:
Big rolls of zippers sold by the meter. I like buying by the meter because it is like a bonus compared to buying by the yard. I think that I got 12 meters of zipper tape in six colors.  That is a little over 13 yards-SCORE!
Here is my purchase:
Bright Yellow, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Rich Blue, Purple and Teal Blue.
Each meter came with two zipper pulls.  Now I am thinking that I may need to go back and get extras.
This was not the shop where I bought zippers in the past, so I will still be seeking out that shop.

But let me head back out to find the ride home.  I found the combi stand and asked the attendant which one to take to Plaza Sendaro, since that was painted on the one I rode to town in. He asked a driver who said "Si" and I got boarded.  I should mention that the fare for the combi is 7 pesos which is about 38 cents in US currency.
I was seated facing backward next to the window opposite the door. There were three of us on that bench and it was comfortable.  But they squeeze these vans full sometimes. Another woman boarded and sat next to me - almost in my lap! I was glad when she took one of the earlier stops.
I saw that we were approaching my street in 3 or 4 blocks and thought, "Good, I got on the right combi."  But then a sudden turn and we were north away from "home base." Ooops!  I decided to ride it out and see if we circled back.  Instead we went farther away.  But we did go to Plaza Sendaro where I got off the combi.  I knew I could get home by taxi or Uber -if my account wasn't disabled again.  I got out and walked across the parking lot to the Cineopolis movie theatre which is one of the anchor shops. I requested an Uber driver and was on my way in minutes.   That ride cost me all of 24 pesos -equivalent to $1.30.  I considered it well worth the cost.  Next time I hope I find the correct combi home.
Still it was a fun adventure.

I also was looking for a nearby laundry as we only brought about a week's worth of clothes each.  I found this place:

El Suavecito
Laundries are "lavanderias" in Spanish- at least in Mexico. Some Spanish words are used differently depending on the country you are in, much like local idioms in the USA.
The price for laundry?  10 pesos per kilo (2.2 lbs) with a minimum of 3 kilos. So, 30 pesos minimum - a little more than a dollar and a half.  No washing clothes in the sink for this fellow!
When I walked into the lavanderia, I enjoyed a nice clean fragrance and saw bundles of laundry neatly wrapped and ready for pick up.  The proprietor told me that my clothes would be ready the next day.  But it is Mexico...so we will see.  Ha ha. Even getting the laundry done can be an adventure.
More from me later - and I will try to take more photos, but I get so involved in doing that I forget to pull out the camera.

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  1. Hi there - looks like you two are having a great time! As I was scrolling through - I saw the ZIPPERS - SCORE!! - LOL - and I had to leave a comment. I need to go to the very beginning and catch up on your adventures - ;))