Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gene 10/30/16 Lunch and More

Today Dave was a little under the weather so I took a combi into town by myself to do more exploring. Sunday in Merida is a special day. The streets around the main park (zocalo) are closed for the day. Merchants and food vendors set up all in the area of the park and along the closed streets. So it is fun to just wander around, shop and people watch. But first I went to the mercado and looked a bit more - then the smell of food drew me in! I sat down, ordered from this menu:
Those prices are pesos. Ten pesos is approx 55 cents.
I ordered a panucho pavo (turkey) and a empanada queso and to drink I got a horchata. My drink came first:
The photo is misleading - it was huge - and delicious.  Horchata is a rice drink with cinnamon added. It is somewhat sweet and very refreshing.  I was happy that it came early because I was thirsty- and this picture is after I had taken several large swallows. mmmmm
The signs hanging over and around the tables all have food listed. 
The place was busy!  I took this short video while I waited for my food. 

But the food arrived and I had a couple of bites first.
Then I took this photo:
That was very tasty.  The empanado filled with cheese was delicious -and I added some salsa that was on the table over it to spice it up.

I had to  visit one of the food carts in the zocalo and get a marquesita.  It is basically a freshly made ice cream cone wrapper stuffed with cheese -and you can add other goodies - I got cajeta (aka caramel.) WOW was it good.  I took a video of a lady making them but it is part of the video that you will see later.  (You can read about them here.)

I saw a clown in the area selling balloon animals:
He was not a "scary" clown.

For my friends who do handwork, take a look at this vest. It is all crocheted with rather small thread.

I asked the vendor for the price.  She said 360 pesos.  That is around $20.  There is a LOT of work in that piece. I would charge much more if I had made it.

Here is a bit more video showing a few of the stalls and the people.

If you are watching on a mobile device you won't see that I have an annotation that the brown vest was actually 80 pesos - about $4.

And I did take a couple more pictures while I was in the mercado:
It seems there are always fresh flowers for sale. 

This lady was making masa dough for making your own tortillas.  She forms it into balls and packages the balls in plastic bags for the customer to carry home.

Have a great day.  I am having a marvelous time here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

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