Saturday, October 22, 2016

Evening Post: October 22 My Birthday!

I was looking at Facebook late this afternoon and was surprised to see all those birthday wishes! Wishes from people I have not had the chance to talk with in a very long time. Much thanks, it is certainly nice to be remembered.

Okay, on with the day. I went down to the market about noon time, lunch was in full swing and many buying for tomorrow lunch and dinner as the market is closed on Sunday.

There are several Loncherias outside as you can see where you can get their special of the day. Very good food at a very low price.

Inside is clean and brightly illuminated. You can get take home things you finish preparing or fully prepared. You can't consume these on the premise. This lady's special of the day was fruits and fruit juices. She had a couple of additional items not familiar to me and my Spanish has not come back enough to ask about them.

Over in the vegetables and meats section there were things galore I have never seen. I found a merchant who spoke some english and asked about a fruit that I had never seen before. I will show you in a minute. I was really looking for what the catch of the day was, and found out no seafood on Saturday.  So I stepped back to the meat section and found flank steak. I asked for a half kilo, diced coarsely. The butcher smiled and did it exactly as I asked. The price for that half kilo of flank steak was 40 pesos, about two USD. I then went into the veggie section and purchased two potatoes, bananas grown locally and my mystery fruit!

Locally grown bananas are shorter and fatter than the ones we see at home. And these are ripened on the plant before harvesting. The flavor is wonderful!

OH! Also bought an onion! Really nice produce! And was so good for dinner with the flank steak! The price for all the produce I bought was 66 pesos, about three dollars USD. The mystery fruit I am about to unveil was a little expensive compared to everything else which is why the cost was where it was. So here is the mystery fruit.....

Any one know what it is??

It is about the size of your doubled fists. It is unique to this area of Mexico. In English, it is called "Dragon Fruit"! It comes from a local cactus. The lady at the veggie stand cut it open to show me  how to eat it. Even thought it was not all the way ripe, it had an interesting texture and flavor. It has white, smooth flesh with small seeds in it, about the size of sesame seeds. I will show the flesh when this one gets ripe in a couple more days.

So, there you have the days events. Of course there was the obligatory siesta during the late afternoon! Take care, more to come.

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  1. The bananas in Samoa are the just brought back a sweet memory. I hope you continue to have fun and explore new things.

  2. That statement up there was from me Barb...that was my daughter in law, she signed in on my computer.

  3. That statement up there was from me Barb...that was my daughter in law, she signed in on my computer.

  4. Your "mystery fruit" reminds me of an artichoke - kinda. The bananas remind me of the ones that grew in the back yard of a house we rented when we lived in Hawaii. A friend of ours came to visit and was amazed that bananas grew "upside down" - he had never seen them on a tree - ;))

  5. I am finding the blog very interesting and educational. I'm not having any issues at all with accessing it.

    Happy Belated Birthday!