Monday, October 31, 2016

Dave: A recent shopping trip to another super store

As Gene noted, I have been just a little under the weather and it is nice to be back up and functioning 100%, or at least pretty close. Splenda gives me extreme stomach problems and I thought I knew all the names it goes by in the Latin world. Well, I have a new name and it has been committed to memory, I will search a label over several times from now on just to make sure!

Anyway, we went to another of the regional mega stores to gather a few things we needed for the apartment. Needed some bacon and eggs for breakfast, some cheese, more fresh bread and a general assortment of general household needs. We went to this store five or six years ago. It has been remodeled and expanded greatly. It was at least as large as a Walmart Super Store and it seems the prices are better than the other stores. I bought bacon for $117 per kilo, that is about $6.25 USD for 2.2 pounds. The other store charged $149 per kilo, that is about $7.85 USD for 2.2 pounds.

Gene did a short video...

You will notice in that video that the crescents were on $5.50 each that is about $.30 each. And they are made there, not "prefab" frozen.

The produce section is absolutely one of the most colorful sections I believe I have seen. Take a look

Some of these dried chilis are HOT and are not cheap. Some selling for $24.50 per 100 grams!

When you share environments with Mr. Black, you best have plenty of coffee around. So we had to pay the coffee area a visit! You might notice some familiar products here!

Gene's note: Dave has to have his coffee too.....don't let him kid you!

If you don't want to walk around with a currency converter going, I use a general rule to get in my mind the price. Right now, the currency exchange rate for pesos to the dollar is almost 19 pesos to the dollar, so for a quick conversion I use 20 pesos to the dollar. So the $81.05 price on our coffee is about $4 USD for the large container. We use instant while we are here as ground coffee is considerably more expensive. And the instants here taste different, more like coffee. The Nescafe at home doesn't taste like it does here.

And of course, there are always other wonderful things to smell and treat the eye!

And they had just received a new shipment of Dragon Fruit! As you can see, they are not cheap! But they are beautiful. {Gene's note: Cheap is relative.  That would be less than $2 US funds.  But here it is a bit expensive for fruit.}

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