Monday, October 24, 2016

Dave: Not your everyday "Pork and Beans" for lunch

While I was writing the post about going the grocery store, Gene came in with lunch. I asked him what he had found. He said "I have pork and beans!" Not looking up right away, my mind instantly went to a vision of a large can of VanCamp's pork and beans and the thought..."here we are in Mexico and this is all we can find?" Well, by this time I look up and see he is holding a bag, no can in that bag, so my curiosity is imminently peaked.

So I got up and started getting plates and silverware together and he takes stuff out of the bag and plates the food as I set the plates. What a surprise!

I quickly cut up two avocados that I bought at the store yesterday to go with the meal. Then we sat down and ate! The best "pork and beans" I have ever had!
(Gene's note: I concur.  When the lady told me "Frijoles y puerco,"  I thought "Pork and beans, I can eat that at home.  I want Mexican food."  I am so glad I realized it wasn't the same thing. YUM!)

After lunch, Gene did a little research and found that pork and beans is a traditional Monday lunch in the Yucatan. The items are: black beans, rice, pork, onion, avocado,  lime,  pepper, and fresh tortillas.

The beans and the pork were slow cooked together which is why the meat is dark. But oh so tender and flavorful. The red sauce and the onion really was great with a little of that lime juice squeezed over it.

Gene took the little green pepper that was in with the limes. He said it was "plenty HOT!" ...but lots of flavor.

Both of us had all we wanted to eat, plus enough for another two servings of beans and rice for dinner. All that for about a $1.50. From the Economical Kitchens, women selling right out of their home kitchens!

Enough for tonight!


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