Monday, October 24, 2016

Dave: Lunch and shopping

I was going to post this late yesterday but alas, a Mañana attitude snuck in and of course a beer make for one laid back evening. Gene picked up an order of fried fish, sorry, no picture! We both were hungry and forgot all about any pictures.

Anyway, back to the subject of this post... our grocery store trip. As Gene's post tells we had issues and after Uber locked Gene's account again, we took a cab home with our purchases. Cab drivers are really good here, they hop right out and help you put your stuff in the trunk. Then when you get where you are going, they hop out again and help you get them into the courtyard. Very nice and he was tipped nicely for his efforts. The Uber ride over to the Mall (where the grocery store is located) was very nice. The young driver spoke some english so we talked as best two cultures can on broken english and broken Spanish! But he got us there safely and quickly.

It was after one pm when we got to the mall. Lunchtime for a Sunday afternoon so we browsed about to see what was new in the food court. In previous visits we had eaten several times in this food court. It was nice to see some old favorites as well as some new ones. One specifically was called Alabama Mama! We looked and did not see any pinto beans, greens, fried taters or cornbread. It looked strangely much more Asian than anything! (...chicken in a sauce with lots of noodles and rice!)

This is the place we had lunch. You can barely see the meats on vertical spits to the right. We both had the sirloin and WOW was it good. Perfectly seasoned, thinly sliced, juicy.

This Soriana has a huge bakery, doing just about everything. They even make beautiful cakes and an attendant cuts a chunk to your specifications, weighs it, and wraps it. Kind of a neat idea for cake! Just before you get to the bakery, there is a huge produce area. Think produce that looks like Publix, but about 10 times the floor space!

Lots of seafood, beef and chicken. Pork appeared in short supply as there was only one small section for it. 90/10 ground beef was about $4 for a kilo! (kilo is 2.2 pounds)

Our cart about to check out. Yes, that is a can of ant spray without the top you see there. To keep kids from spraying it in the store, they take the tops off and give you the top when you checkout. More on the ant spray later.

Now on to checkout! Looks rather familiar don't it!

So, with six bags of grocery in tow, we caught a cab home, unpacked and sat down for a rest. Somebody broke out the beer! I won't say who!!!
Gene's Note:  Both parties imbibed- and enjoyed!

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