Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dave: A late afternoon delight!

After passing by an expo on one of the other states in Mexico, we stopped and looked about. The expo was about the state of Oaxaca (pronounced "wa HA ca") We had lunch and I can't tell you what it was called. It was a large fresh made tortilla, filled with black bean paste, two types of meat, a red sauce that was excellent and a few other things I dare not ask questions about. It was messy and wonderful.
(Gene's Note: It was a Tlayuda - the "t" is silent.)

Gene wanted to go back to a booth and get something, so I stayed seated until he got back. When he returned he had a small container of Caramel! Yes, it is Halloween here too and apparently they enjoy caramel apples as well. I had bought some Granny Smith apples a day or two back so when we got back to the apartment Gene peeled and cut up one of them and we popped the top on the caramel.

The aroma filled the room instantly, smelling of butter and sugar mixed and cooked just right!

Yep, it is that good! Still about half the container in the refrigerator! (Gene says about two-thirds is left.) Sure Gene... whatever!!! LOL

And so our afternoon treat was consumed and we both had a siesta!

Each afternoon about 6, the bread man comes by on his bike filled with all manner of treats, breads and other delights. He sometimes has a treat of ham, cheese and sometimes chilis baked in phyllo dough, I have never gotten one that was overly spicy but there is enough to make it a great dinner. So when the bread man came by today he had two pieces of the ham/cheese/chilis left, so I got them for dinner along with a fresh loaf of French Bread, a little over a dollar for all that.

The weather continues to be very mild by Mexican standards. When we first got here, we ran the air conditioner for the first three days. The the front that gave you the cold temps came through and cooled things down nicely. Daily highs have been 82-86 and evening lows 68-72. We have not run the AC since. Nights are great sleeping with all the windows open and that wonderful breeze blowing through! Mexico weather service is saying there is a "disturbance" just south of the Yucatan Channel which will give us off and on showers for the next couple days. We had a heavy one this afternoon at the expo! Typical tropical rain storm, pour like crazy for about 10 minutes, then the sun comes back out and you carry on with your business!

Enough for today! Let us know if you are having any problems viewing or commenting!

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  1. No problems, here - ;)) Now I'm caught up with your adventures so far - video and all - and thanks for reminding me that I have some Granny Smith apples in the refrigerator - and some caramel to go with them - YUM!! - ;))