Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dave: First Day-Cancun

Thursday October 20, 2016 7am

Good morning from Cancun! We had good weather and good flights all the way. Surprisingly, both flights landed early which gave us a little extra time especially in Atlanta. About halfway on the drive to the airport in Birmingham, I discovered I had left my cell phone in the truck back in Anniston. Darn! (...although much worse than that was said!) I was helping put luggage into the car when I got a text and took the phone from my pocket, then could not readily get it back into my pocket. So I laid it down on the seat in the truck. Having delivered my armload of luggage I went back, shut and locked the truck thinking no further about a cell phone... I was going traveling! So, with some extra time in Atlanta International Terminal I went shopping for a cell phone and plan. Unfortunately, even with a very decent deal being offered, it would have cost people calling from the US to me in Mexico, but not me to the US. So, I left it. I will research further when we get to Merida tomorrow.

We arrived in Cancun about 20 minutes early. We got off the plane and walk down to immigration, passports and paperwork for visas in hand. Normally when we had arrived before, it was mid-morning and the lines were LONG! Tonight, we walked right up to the agent and in less than five minutes, our visas were approved and we were through on our way to get our baggage and then through customs. We got to the luggage area, and our luggage had not arrived from the plane, that is how quickly we were through the first part. So after about five minutes, the belt started and our bags arrived a couple minutes later. Making sure my paperwork was in order, I walked on to the inspection station, they interviewed me, asking primarily if I had any tobacco products or illegal items. I said no, she told me to push the button in front of me and I was given the green light! In Mexico... legally! We had gotten through so quickly our friends picking us up were caught off guard and we waited about 20 minutes for them at the airport. No problem, beautiful evening and nice people. Also, time to stand and move around unkinking all those muscles.

Up at about 530am this morning, still have traveling to do, so excitement prevented further blissful sleep! First round of coffee was a little weak, so the second round was much more to my liking! As the sun is coming up, I make a couple of pictures out in the garden and of the beautiful sunrise. Projected temperature today- near 85 with 40% chance of rain. Typical for this time of year! Since our bus leaves at 10am, I need to get on with a shower and some breakfast. So for now, I leave you with the pictures.

I think these are dates! 

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