Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Journey - A begining

Hi this is Gene.
This post is just to start the blog and let you know why it exists.

Many people ask "Why on earth would you go to Mexico?" "Isn't it dangerous there?" "Aren't you afraid?"   "Where in Mexico are you going?" "What will you do there?" "Can you drink the water?"  "What if you get sick or need some other medical attention?"

We hope that our journey will fill you in on all of this and a lot more. So the blog is to inform, entertain and keep our close friends in touch while we are on our journey.

First let me answer some of those questions.
"Can you drink the water?"
You can but even the locals buy bottled water because the pipes in the city are very old and could have heavy metals in them.  Typically a truck delivering bottles of water comes by once or twice a week.   However, since we are renting and don't have an account, we carry smaller bottles to a nice little "water store" where we have them filled as needed. The store is in easy walking distance from  our rental unit.

"Isn't it dangerous there?" "Aren't you afraid?" 
I generally feel safer in Merida than in my hometown. You will see police presence and sometimes military presence.  Remember - they are there to protect you - much like the police here. No, I am not afraid.  The worst thing that has happened to me in Mexico was a rude guy on the street selling and that was only once.  Most of the people selling, vending or offering services are very customer oriented.

 "What if you get sick or need some other medical attention?"
Merida has one of the top medical facilities in Mexico, UADY, and the doctors are very well trained. Some people go there for "medical tourism" to save on the cost of elective surgeries and even  non-elective surgery.  A friend went to a dentist there to get a cantilevered bridge and the cost was less than his insurance co-pay in the USA.  The dentist had a state of the art office and his work was excellent.

Why would you go to Mexico?  Mostly I wonder "why doesn't everyone go there?"


  1. Why drink he water when there is tequila?

  2. I am getting caught up today on reading the blog. This is going to be fun following your adventures.